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Green New Deal Virtual House Meetings

You are Invited to Gather with Others (online)  to Envision a Local Green New Deal

What kind of future do you want to see?
Can you imagine what a world free of fossil fuel pollution would look like?
What would

Terracore Pulls Oil Project

The third and final oil company, Terracore, has abandoned its application to drill for oil in Santa Barbara County!
Terracore has announced that it no longer is pursuing an application to drill new oil wells in Cat Canyon, in

Aera Withdraws Oil Drilling Application !


For Immediate Release, May 28th 2020


Aera Withdraws Cat Canyon Oil Drilling Application Following Years of Community Opposition 


After a three year fight with local community organizations, Aera Energy has officially withdrawn its application to drill almost

Oil 101 Webinar / Petróleo 101

OIL 101

Moving Beyond Platforms, Pipelines and Pollution in Santa Barbara

What:  5 years after the Plains Pipeline spill, the oil industry is pushing forward oil projects that put Santa Barbara at risk of spills. Join us to learn about …

Op-Ed: A Global Pandemic Is Not a Climate Solution

“…The op-ed [written by Supervisor Williams] correctly says that addressing climate change will “take significant changes.” These “significant changes” do not translate to a few more people who are able to telecommute to work twice a week and buy electric

Apologies – we got hacked

It happens sometimes…

We got hacked. If you haven’t seen any strange posts from us recently, then ignore this post.

However, if you saw any strange (and offensive) posts, we apologize — we were hacked by a scammer and just …

Cancelled: CalGEM Workshops on Public Health

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this meeting has been canceled by CalGEM.

To fulfill its recently strengthened mission to protect public health, safety, and the environment, the California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM) is undertaking a process to update …