Climate Justice

We are dedicated to climate justice. See below for some of our favorite explanations of what climate justice is all about

From Peaceful Uprising


–”Climate Justice is working at the intersections of environmental degradation and the racial, social, and economic inequities it perpetuates”

From Rising Tide North America

–“Climate justice is more than just a goal; it’s a practice in the movement against climate chaos. No effort to create a livable future will succeed without the empowerment of marginalized communities and the dismantling of the systems of oppression that keep us divided.”

From Patrick Bond (2014)

–anti-racist environmentalism

– system-transformation

– ecological debt

– challenge to corporations


Bond, Patrick. 2014. “Justice.” Pp. 133-45 in Critical Environmental Politics: Interventions, edited by C. Death. London: Routledge.

From Gopal Dayaneni (2009)

“One way to think of this is that climate action is not always action for climate justice. Depending on the theory of change and strategies you are employing, the action must either, and ideally in combination advance a rights-based agenda consistent with the frameworks established collectively by the international climate justice movement; take leadership from and be accountable to those most directly impacted and least responsible; or engage in community struggles on the root causes of climate change.”


Dayaneni, Gopal. 2009. “Climate Justice in the U.S.” Pp. 80-85 in Contours of Climate Justice: Ideas for Shaping New Climate and Energy Politics, Vol. 6, Critical Currents, edited by U. Brand, N. Bullard, E. Lander and T. Mueller. Uppsala, Sweden: Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation