Banner showing event details for November 4, 2023 POWER UP EventWe’re calling on governments to use all financial means possible to reclaim the excessive profits of the fossil fuels industry. Whether through taxes, by ending subsidies and by stopping all investments in old and new fossil fuel projects, they must use this money to power up the global renewable energy revolution, that is fair and distributes resources equitably around the world. Let’s power up the future we want!


RIDE your e-bicycle, bicycle, or rent from the City of Santa Barbara’s e-bike rideshare program (Santa Barbara BCycle, and MEET US in Alameda Park ( for lemonade, cookies, a Global POWER UP photo, and a chance to meet fellow climate-minded neighbors! Bring a friend and a brown-bag lunch for yourself. If you don’t have an e-bike, you may rent from Santa Barbara BCycle for a nominal fee. For more FAQs, go to: Exercise caution and wear a helmet.

See you there! ⚡

– 350 Santa Barbara Steering Committee