Protect Rooftop Solar

2022, January 18. Sharon Broberg, 350SB Steering Committe Member,

Santa Barbara Independent. Download PDF: (2022_01.18) SBroberg – Protect Rooftop Solar

We have a chance to keep solar growing and to grow it more equitably so millions more working class people can get solar, including renters. As more and more solar power is installed solar-powered batteries will become more affordable, allowing more people to install batteries and protect themselves from power outages. This will make our communities safer and more resilient.


A Global Pandemic Is Not a Climate Solution

2020, May 12. Emily Williams, 350SB Steering Committe Member,

Santa Barbara Independent. Download PDF: (2020_05.13) EWilliams – A Global Pandemic Is Not a Climate Solution

The op-ed correctly says that addressing climate change will “take significant changes.” These “significant changes” do not translate to a few more people who are able to telecommute to work twice a week and buy electric cars. It also means switching our electricity grid to 100 percent renewable energy. It means building energy-efficient buildings so we require less energy. It means free (or low-cost) and accessible public transportation. It means reining in the excessive power of the fossil fuel industry. And all of this means demanding bold political will from the people we have elected to represent us. It is precisely this leadership that our politicians shirk when they tell us great personal sacrifice is required to meet the challenge of climate change.


Protestors Blast ExxonMobil’s Trucking Proposal

2018, July 12. Blanca Garcia, Santa Barbara Independent. Download PDF: 2018_07.12 – Blanca Garcia, SB Independent

Wednesday’s demonstration, organized by a number of regional environmental groups, was held an hour ahead of the 6 p.m. county scoping hearing which allowed the public an opportunity to speak for or against the project’s environmental impact report, which looks at issues concerning air quality, traffic impacts, and potential spill hazards.


Exxon Mobil proposal sparks rally before hearing in Santa Barbara County

2018, July 11. Tracy Lehr, KEYT. Download PDF: 2018_07.11 – Tracy Lehr, KEYT

Exxon Mobil’s proposal to restart 3 platforms off the Gaviota Coast and truck the oil to Santa Maria and Bakersfield doesn’t sit well with environmental groups on the central coast. About 50 people rallied outside the hearing on Wednesday evening to discuss concerns before an environmental review.


Environmental group to rally against ExxonMobil proposal to restart offshore oil drilling platforms

Video uploaded by KSBY News.


Packed Town Hall on Decommissioning Goleta Oil Platform

2018, May 16. Katie Davis, EdHat. Download PDF: 2018_05.16 – Katie Davis, Edhat

On Monday, May 14 at 6:00 PM, the California State Lands Commission held a packed town hall meeting at the Goleta City Hall on the decommissioning process for Platform Holly, the offshore oil platform near Ellwood and UCSB, as well as pier 421, the oil platform on Haskell’s beach, and the Ellwood Onshore Facility (EOF), the oil processing plant near the Bacara.


California Is Dismantling an Iconic Offshore Oil Rig

May 15, 2018. Kate Wheeling, Pacific Standard. Download PDF: 2018_05.15 – K. Wheeler, Pacific Standard

But even as environmentalists celebrate the decommissioning of Platform Holly, they remind state officials and residents that California remains an oil state.


State Lands Commission holds town hall meeting regarding Platform Holly: Plains All American also appeared in court Monday

May 14, 2018. Ryder Christ, KEYT. Download PDF: 2018_05.14 – C. Ryder, KEYT

“Today’s Venoco hearing highlights how oil companies take the profits from our coast and public lands and leave us with the toxic mess,” said Sharon Broberg of 350SB. “When we taxpayers have to dig deep for money for cleanup, that means we have less to spend on things like parks, schools, and healthcare. It just shows, it’s time to move to renewable energy.”