Exxon Mobil is attempting to restart oil production off the Gaviota coast, turning on the same offshore platforms and pipeline that caused the devastating Refugio Oil Spill in 2015  as well as bringing one of the most dangerous ways to transport oil to Santa Barbara: trucking. A perpetual caravan of oil trucks transporting more than 460,000 gallons of oil every day for up to seven years could be our new reality. Deeply concerned by the risks of more spilled oil, traffic impacts, and air quality, we need your help to convince the County to deny ExxonMobil’s application.


This might be our last chance to let our local officials know that they should prioritize the well being of our community over deceitful, profit-driven corporate interests.

When officials receive messages from their local constituents on these topics, they  are more likely to act on your behalf and protect our resources from being outsourced  to private interests

    • Step 1. Copy the message below.

I am from Santa Barbara County and I demand that the County Planning Commission declines Exxon Mobil’s application to restart oil production off of our coastline. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our coastal environment as well as the people who work, live and travel through it is important to me because:

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1st District: Das Williams – E-mail: dwilliams@countyofsb.org

2nd District: Gregg Hart, Chair – E-mail: ghart@countyofsb.org

3rd District: Joan Hartmann – E-mail: jhartmann@countyofsb.org

4th District: Peter Adam, Vice-Chair – E-mail: peter.adam@countyofsb.org

5th District: Steve Lavagnino – E-mail: steve.lavagnino@countyofsb.org

    • Step 4: SHARE THIS PAGE. Companies like Exxon have the ability to lobby and make their voice heard within our local government. Without a response or any clear indication that the public is against these sorts of projects, this will get approved. We need to make sure that everyone who is against another decade of oil drilling off of our coast lets our county know that they are against it. This is not an assumed truth in the eyes of Santa Barbara County.


For more information on the proposal, check out: Exxon Mobil’s Plan to Drill in Santa Barbara County