The Santa Barbara County

Board of Supervisors


The decision over whether these 750+ wells will be approved or denied ultimately rests with the Board of Supervisors. Supervisors love hearing from their constiutents – the best way to make sure they vote how you want them to is to send them a letter or an email! We’ve pulled together a quick intro on each public servant as well as their contact information:


First District Supervisor – Das Williams

A Santa Barbara County local, Das Williams has been involved in local politics since 2003.  Prior to his successful 2016 run for Supervisor, Williams served on Santa Barbara’s City Council and subsequently in the California State Assembly.  Along the way Williams has advocated for renewable energy and water conservation and environmental contamination cleanup efforts. He has consistently run on a platform of environmental sustainability and Santa Barbara residents have rewarded him for it. Williams has won over many Santa Barbara voters thanks to his environmental credentials and voting record – hearing from constituents could help bolster this history into a legacy.

Second District Supervisor – Gregg Hart

Gregg Hart served on the Santa Barbara City Council in the early 1990s.  He returned to that post after taking a break from public service in 2013. His decision to run for Supervisor of the Second District was made in part by the devastating Thomas Fire that struck Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in December of last year. Hart decided his past experience with fiscal and land use matters would be better suited as a supervisor than remaining on the city council. As the newest member to the Board of Supervisors (replacing the Janet Wolf in 2019), he will surely welcome input from his new constituents on such matters as oil extraction in our county. We think it prudent to remind constituents that he endorsed Measure P (Santa Barbara’s attempt to ban fracking in the county). His predecessor, Janet Wolf, was a major supporter of environmentalist causes over the course of her three previous terms as supervisor.  Hart says he has supported Wolf in every past race and doubts that there are any policy differences between the two of them.

Third District Supervisor – Joan Hartmann

Joan Hartmann has been living in Santa Barbara County since 2004 and has served on numerous boards and foundations in the area. Hartmann’s career began in academia where she taught Environmental Studies, but her work has spanned into public policy and legal counsel, including for the Department of the Interior and the EPA. Hartmann ran on an environmentalist platform in 2016, winning a huge majority of student voters in Isla Vista and defeating her opponent whose campaign was supported by $60,000 from the fossil fuel industry.  During her election campaign Hartmann spoke of the need to rapidly transition away from oil production and she is largely considered an ally of environmental causes. She also joined fossil fuel divestment rallies at UCSB’s campus.  However, Hartmann’s district is the largest and most diverse extending from Isla Vista around Point Conception and across the San Ynez Valley. With the Third District traditionally being a swing seat, she would likely appreciate hearing from her constituents.

Fourth District Supervisor – Peter Adam

Peter Adam is a fifth generation Santa Maria Valley farmer and Vice President of Adams Brothers Farming, which he runs with his brothers. Adam’s top priority as Supervisor is to deregulate industry and restrict government’s role in the economy. Adam denies the existence of human caused climate change and is likely to approve any new fossil fuel project.

Fifth District Supervisor – Steve Lavagnino

Steve Lavagnino grew up in Santa Maria and has lived there since the late nineties.  Lavagnino’s career began in the aerospace industry and he ultimately ended up launching his own small business doing defense contract consulting.  Following this venture Lavagnino worked as a government staffer for eleven years before successfully becoming Supervisor of the Fifth District in 2010.  Described as a fiscally conservative family man, Lavagnino seeks to limit the role of government oversight and make sure big oil and gas companies are represented politically. Lavagnino is currently fighting for the rights of the fossil fuel industry after the county rewrote its “High Risk” ordinances most likely following the Refugio oil spill.

Want to write a letter to your supervisor? Here’s how:

  1. First, find out what district you live in by clicking here.
  2. Write your letter! (Stuck? Here are some things you might want to include.)
  3. Send your letter to their office by email or using the directory below:


Name District Primary Location Secondary Location (if applicable)
Das Williams 1st Office of Supervisor Das Williams

Board of Supervisors, 4th Floor

105 East Anapamu Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Office of Supervisor Das Williams

c/o Carpinteria Children’s Project

5201 8th Street

Carpinteria, CA 93013

Gregg Hart 2nd Office of Supervisor Gregg Hart Board of Supervisors

105 East Anapamu Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Joan Hartmann 3rd Office of Supervisor Joan Hartman

Board of Supervisors

105 East Anapamu Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

1745 Mission Drive

Solvang, CA 93463

Steve Lavagnino 4th 511 East Lakeside Pkwy, Suite 47

Santa Maria, CA 93455

Peter Adam 5th 511 E. Lakeside Parkway, Suite 141

Santa Maria CA 93455-1341

100 East Locust Avenue, Suite 101 Lompoc, CA  93436