Who We Are

Mission and Vision


350 Santa Barbara is a horizontally organized grassroots group dedicated to building an inclusive, diverse, and empowering climate justice movement in Santa Barbara County. We value social relationships and allyship in our work to address the roots of the crisis, of which climate change and inequality are manifestations. We see these roots as a political economy and culture founded on extractivism, greed, and lack of consideration of the common good. Climate justice is founded on dignity for all life on Earth.

Group Definition of Climate Justice

These are the principles we stand by:

Climate justice is a two way street. Social injustices are at the core of why we have the climate crisis, and climate change exacerbates social injustices.

Climate justice is about communities and ensuring their active role in decision making processes. Solutions come from the ground up, from those impacted the most.

Climate justice is living well, fairness, and ensuring all people and creatures along all intersections of identity and inequality live in dignity.

Climate justice is not about jumping on the bandwagon of sticking social justice onto climate activism. It is about a deeply rooted commitment to action in solidarity with people on the the front lines of climate, environmental, and social injustice.

See also: Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground: A Declaration for the Health of Mother Earth

 Some things to know about us:

  • We are a small group of volunteers and membership is more or less a loose affiliation of people who attend meetings and contribute work in the form of writing, editing, developing materials, offering suggestions, planning events, and helping us network.
  • We do not share 350.org’s non-profit status and are not financially backed by them.
  • We are an autonomous group working for climate justice.
  • We have a steering committee tasked with the long term vision of the group.
  • There are no secret handshakes required to join the group! Please get in touch to start working with us!


The group was founded in February 2013 by Rebecca Claassen, Max Golding, and Colin Lousalot. Since then, many core members have joined and we created a steering committee. We are continually working to grow our group and build power in the community!


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