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10/22/21 Climate Rally and March

Students from UCSB Environmental Affairs Board and Sunrise Santa Barbara are co-sponsoring a Halloween-themed climate rally and march along with the Society of Fearless Grandmothers-SB, SBCAN and 350SB on Friday, October 22.

General Meeting, 9/8/21, 7 PM

Join us to take local action against Exxon Mobil’s proposal to send tanker trucks of oil through our communities!

Green New Deal House Meeting

350 Santa Barbara continues to host Green New Deal House Meetings throughout the month of February.

City of Santa Barbara signs electric reach code!

350 Santa Barbara is pleased to support the City moving forward with their electric reach code. Our thanks to the lead campaigners on this, the Community Environmental Council, Sierra Club Los Padres Chapter, and others for rallying support.

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