350 Santa Barbara is the local chapter of the international grassroots climate justice group, 350.org. We are dedicated to building an inclusive, diverse, and empowered climate justice movement in Santa Barbara County.

  • We are a small group of volunteers. Our membership is more or less a loose affiliation of people who attend meetings and contribute work in the form of writing, editing, developing materials, offering suggestions, planning events, and helping us network.
  • We are an autonomous group working for climate justice.
  • We have a steering committee tasked with the long term vision of the group.
  • We do not share 350.org’s non-profit status and are not financially backed by them.
  • There are no secret handshakes required to join the group! Please get in touch to start working with us and help make a difference!

We value community relationships in our work to address climate change and environmental injustice. We believe that the roots of the climate crisis are a political economy and culture founded on extractivism, greed, and a lack of consideration of the common good. Climate justice is founded on dignity for all life on Earth.