Mission Statement

350 Santa Barbara is an autonomous local chapter of 350.org. We seek to

-Bring a greater sense of urgency about climate change to Santa Barbara County and mobilize people toward solutions
-Build the political will to oppose fossil fuel industry projects that damage our health, ecosystem and economy
-Connect the dots between climate change and social justice issues – help people understand climate change is ultimately a social justice issue
-Empower people to become knowledgeable about climate science and to identify fossil fuel industry disinformation when it is presented


One comment on “Mission Statement

  1. I have a deep seeded passion and feel an intense obligation to leave this world in a better place. I cannot accept the fact that my grandchildren are being born into an ever increasing toxic world. Now is the time to “turn the tides”

    I am interested in starting a chapter in the Central Valley. I live in Oakhurst and most people here are ignorant as to what is really happening and affecting our future.
    FYI: I walked the beach in Santa Barbara in the late 1980s and accumulated TAR on my bare feet as I strolled!

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