If you are a group of community members wishing to learn more about climate change or ways to fight climate change on a more political level, we offer four workshops:

Climate Reality Project
Katie Davis is a graduate of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project training. She gives powerpoint presentations on the reality of climate based on the latest science. These sobering presentations not only describe the problems we face from the climate crisis but also offer solutions. To schedule a Climate Reality presentation contact Katie at

Fossil Fuel Divestment
As the saying now goes:  If it is wrong to wreck the climate, it is wrong to profit from that wreckage. This logic follows that if a university, religious institution, city or state has investments in the fossil fuel industry, that money should be moved. There is precedent: several universities, churches and cities have committed to divestment and the numbers are growing. Currently Alex Favacho and Max Golding are working on a divestment project with Santa Barbara City and assisting Fossil Free California with a statewide divestment campaign targeting state employee pension funds. For a fossil fuel divestment workshop contact

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

CCL’s main project is to get a Carbon Fee and Dividend (like a carbon tax) bill passed through Congress. James Hansen, the world’s leading climate scientist, has said that putting a price on carbon is the best way to make renewables competitive enough to replace fossil fuels. For a workshop explaining the national strategy and what we can do locally to push this further email

Community Rights
Community Rights legislation is passing almost virally throughout municipalities across the world including language which asserts the inalienable right a community has to things such as clean water and air – effectively banning practices such as fracking. Several cities in Santa Barbara County have begun Community Rights campaigns and need your help. For a workshop on how to get started contact


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