Community Rights

“From gas drilling to toxic dumping to water bottling…who makes the rules where you live—corporations or residents? The Community Rights Program assists communities confronted by harmful corporate projects to assert their right to make important decisions that impact them by passing binding laws that place the rights of residents (and nature) above the claimed legal “rights” of corporations. At the heart of the Community Rights Program is the belief that our right to create the kind of place we want to live and reining in corporate exploitation of our communities is the next evolution of the civil rights revolution.”
from the Global Exchange website

We are working with Global Exchange to ban fracking and other fossil fuel industry practices within Santa Barbara County by using the community- and nature-rights legislative approach. This is a relatively new and absolutely revolutionary approach to taking on the fossil fuel industry – among other industries if you’d like – and we are excited to be working with director Shannon Biggs on this.

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Below is a short video by a citizen in Colorado Springs explaining how they are using the community rights approach to ban fracking in their community.


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