Packed Town Hall on Decommissioning Goleta Oil Platform

2018, May 16. Katie Davis, EdHat. Download PDF: 2018_05.16 – Katie Davis, Edhat

On Monday, May 14 at 6:00 PM, the California State Lands Commission held a packed town hall meeting at the Goleta City Hall on the decommissioning process for Platform Holly, the offshore oil platform near Ellwood and UCSB, as well as pier 421, the oil platform on Haskell’s beach, and the Ellwood Onshore Facility (EOF), the oil processing plant near the Bacara.


California Is Dismantling an Iconic Offshore Oil Rig

May 15, 2018. Kate Wheeling, Pacific Standard. Download PDF: 2018_05.15 – K. Wheeler, Pacific Standard

But even as environmentalists celebrate the decommissioning of Platform Holly, they remind state officials and residents that California remains an oil state.


State Lands Commission holds town hall meeting regarding Platform Holly: Plains All American also appeared in court Monday

May 14, 2018. Ryder Christ, KEYT. Download PDF: 2018_05.14 – C. Ryder, KEYT

“Today’s Venoco hearing highlights how oil companies take the profits from our coast and public lands and leave us with the toxic mess,” said Sharon Broberg of 350SB. “When we taxpayers have to dig deep for money for cleanup, that means we have less to spend on things like parks, schools, and healthcare. It just shows, it’s time to move to renewable energy.”